Zoku Rooftop Gardens, Amsterdam green living accommodation

Zoku is like a person. It takes time to get to know Zoku and all of its layers and fun, quirky secrets. However, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all of the fun facts, so we’re going to give you an insight into 10 things that you may not know about us.

1. Better Together Crowdfunding
Zoku was built on the principle of co-creation and we wanted you – the Zoku community – to have the opportunity to become a true part of the Zoku family. Which is why we made the decision to use crowdfunding in order to raise €300,000 to help build our Meeting and Events space. We made a pre-publication to our Zoku “Fathers and Mothers” and after going live to the public, we raised the money in only 18 minutes!

2. Taking people as our starting point
Over the past 7 years, more than 400 people were involved in creating our concept. We started by conducting 150 interviews with our target audience in order to understand their wants and needs. Afterwards, we lived as global nomads ourselves to see what the lifestyle was all about. We then built 5 prototypes of our Zoku Loft and invited our target audience to test them and give feedback (we even used fancy EEG scanners to gauge people’s true emotions). So, the Zoku you see today is down to all of the lovely people who have helped us along the way, and how thankful we are to have had them with us on our journey!

3. Free Candy
We promote the good old afternoon sugar rush at Zoku! Look out for the big jars of candy dotted around our 6th floor and help yourself to a handful (or two, or three… We won’t judge!)

4. Try our 3D Printer
Get crafty in our communal working space by creating – maybe your next prototype? – on our 3D printer. Previous masterpieces have included a Buddha and an Eiffel Tower – but our goldfish Toby loves to have little floaty things to play with as well. Just ask one of our Sidekicks to help you start it off.

5. Musicians Get Beer!
On the 6th floor, you’ll find our music corner filled with all kinds of instruments (we even have a triangle for those who are a bit shy about their musical talents). Play us some sweet sounds to add to the Zoku vibe and you can earn yourself a free, ice-cold glass of beer!

6. Monocle Collection
We are the proud owners of every issue of Monocle Magazine from the last 5 years and have them on display for you to enjoy on our 6th floor and in our laundrette.

7. Sidekick Jam
If you happen to be on our 6th floor at around 23.30, you might notice our Sidekicks enjoying a little music jam after their evening shift – feel free to join in!

8. Loft Dinner Party
If you decide to host a gathering in your loft, head to the end of the corridor on your floor, where you’ll find the pantry. It contains everything you’ll need, such as extra cutlery, plates and wine glasses to help you cater for all of your guests. There’s even cookbooks if you have a last-minute panic on how to make the perfect Tiramisu.

9. Lego Artwork
As well as our jars of candy, you’ll also find fishbowls of Lego on the 6th floor. Procrastinating from work or have writer’s block? Grab a bowl and get creative – if we like it, we’ll even put it on display for a little while!

10. Zoku Pets
When you visit Zoku, be sure to look out for our pets! Our dog, Timmy, can often be seen around our living area. Don’t worry, he’s been trained not to jump on the sofas (…because he’s plastic). But our other pets are very much real – Toby, Leroy and Harold are our resident goldfish and can be found swimming around next to the Zoku bar. Feeling lonely? They’re all great listeners!

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Secrets of Zoku