Zoku aims to create a global community of like-minded individuals and provide an offline environment in which they can thrive. While creating this network of Zokus around the world, we would love you to be our eyes and ears.

Zoku believes in listening to the people that know and love Zoku to determine where the next Zoku should be. These are the people from all over the world that know their hometowns way better than we do and can see if a Zoku would be a good fit.


Conversions of existing buildings

New building sites or clearable sites

Mixed-use developments

We are open to closing fixed long-term lease contracts (ideally, with a variable component to align interests) or management agreements. We are also open to other options. Whatever the scenario, the hotels will be operated by Zoku’s operational team.

Zoku is interested in co-development and/or co-investment and likes to work with local partners. Our team will be intensively involved throughout the development process to ensure that the hotels are delivered in compliance with our brand standards and ready to be wired into the city of choice.


A few essential elements we keep in mind when choosing a location:

1. Lively creative neighborhood in a city center context, with a mix of entertainment, residential and business

2. Easily accessible by public transportation and by car

3. Hotel zoning (possibility)

4. Gross Floor Area 4,000 – 8,000m2 (44,000 – 88,000 sq. ft.)

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